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ISY-994i ZW+ PRO REFURB w/options

ISY-994i  ZW+ PRO REFURB w/options
ISY-994i ZW+ PRO REFURB w/options
Save on a small stock of open box ISY-994i's. These are returned within 30 days, are factory reset and verified in normal working condition. Full manufacturer's warranty included.
List Price: $179.99
Price: $169.99
You Save: $10.00
As of 5/23/2022, we have sesveral ISY-994i ZW+ IR/PRO refurbished units in stock.  Please see below for back-ordering of the ZW+ PRO (no IR) model below.

Please note that we are currently out of stock on the ZW+ PRO (no IR). However, we have a few returning soon. We are asking if you are interested to please contact us to get on the waiting list. We expect to be able to ship the ZW+ PRO model (no IR) within 10-14 days or sooner.

We also ask that you are aware that if you do not have an Insteon 2413S PLM (Serial PLM), you are not able to integrate Insteon items with this controller. The PLM as with other Insteon items is unavailable. ISY-994i ZW+ series controllers are then strictly Z-Wave Plus controllers for those without the PLM.

All Z-wave versions have been updated to the latest 500 series Z-wave internal radio!  Hurry.  Customize yours today while supplies last.

Please select the option available to arrive at the refurbished price which is a considerable savings over new on these almost new units sold with the full manufacture's warranty. We can offer additional modules at discounted prices such as X10, ISY Portal, etc. Note that add-on modules are discounted simply as further incentive to purchase a refurbished controller. Note: an existing Insteon 2413S PLM IS REQUIRED for Insteon or X10 functionality. The Insteon 2413S is currently discontinued by the manufacturer.  So for new installations, this is strictly a ZW Plus certified contrroller.

These are controllers typically returned within 30 days and not returned as defective but only due to other issues such as the buyer deciding on a different model.

Hurry! Only a few left.

The unblemished controller, factory refurbished and verified to have both Ethernet cables, the power supply and original documentation is offered here at considerable savings. Our 30 day return policy is modified for these refurbished items, provided only for defective items and will result in a replacement unit being sent to you.  The full one year manufacturer's warranty applies.
ISY Model:
There are two decisions you need to make when choosing a model . You must ask yourself if you would like to add IR communication capabilities to the ISY. This would allow you have ISY respond to your audio / visual remote control. The IR sensor is on the unit. Consider if you will be locating the ISY-994i where it can "see" IR commands. If you do not desire IR control or you will be locating the ISY outside of IR reception, then do not choose the IR model. IR Insteon control can be added later by adding an Insteon IRLinc receiver at the desired IR reception location. You must also ask yourself how large of an installation you anticipate having. The pro model offers support for up to 1056 devices, scenes and programs while the standard model supports 256. Please note that requirements vary significantly. We recommend purchasing the PRO model if you plan on having over 30 Insteon devices installed. This allows you plenty of programming capability per device. If you will have less that 30 Insteon devices, then stick with the standard model. Our Orchestrated MobiLinc application can create upwards of 5 - 10 programs per device when used to its full capabilities.

Add-On Modules:

The X10 BETA module offers support for A10/X10 devices incorporated into the device tree and managed through the Admin Console' Main tab rather than the Program's tab. Users attempting to utilize their existing X10 devices while adding new Insteon capabilities will appreciate this add-on.

The ISY Portal w/Network module adds the optional ability to synchronize your ISY in the cloud on the Universal-Devices server which greatly simplifies remote access as well as makes possible integration with web based applications such as the Amazon Echo's ISY skill for voice command of your devices and IFTTT (If this then that) web based triggers your favorite web based applications / Social Media applications plus much more.™ The Network feature is now included as part of this module allowing users to use their ISY as a web server to serve up your own applications, pictures, and files. The module also inculdes Wake On Lan (turn your computers on using ISY progrmas) and Network Resources which enable you to call any network resource (TCP/UDP/HTTP/HTTPS).

Z-Wave Radio Options:

Z-wave radio may be added optionally to your full featured Insteon ISY-994i series controller. Adding Z-wave radio makes your controller cross platform capable being able to simultaneously monitor and control both Insteon/X10 devices as well as Z-wave devices. This adds a huge and growing variety of Z-wave devices from multiple manufacturers including locks from Schlage, Yale, and Quikset as well as a variety of thermostats, sensors and lighting controls.

Lighting Control Add-ons:

We recognize that many users buying this system may be starting a new Insteon home automation system. To provide maximum value, we are providing extraordinary savings when packaging the most popular Insteon lighting with your ISY-994i controller. These are the 2477D and 2477S dual band Insteon dimmers and swtiches. Add them to your order now and add exceptional lighting automation to your new system!

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