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Orchestrated MobiLinc iPhone/iPad/iTouch Lighting/HVAC/Irrigation Deluxe Complete Kit

Orchestrated MobiLinc iPhone/iPad/iTouch Lighting/HVAC/Irrigation Deluxe Complete Kit
Orchestrated MobiLinc iPhone/iPad/iTouch Lighting/HVAC/Irrigation Deluxe Complete Kit
Orchestrated MobiLinc iPhone/iPad/iTouch Lighting/HVAC/Irrigation Deluxe Complete Kit
Orchestrated MobiLinc iPhone/iPad/iTouch Lighting/HVAC/Irrigation Deluxe Complete Kit
Orchestrated MobiLinc iPhone/iPad/iTouch Lighting/HVAC/Irrigation Deluxe Complete Kit
Orchestrated MobiLinc iPhone/iPad/iTouch Lighting/HVAC/Irrigation Deluxe Complete Kit
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Manage Lighting, Irrigation, Appliances, Thermostats and more to maximize Energy and Resource Savings from a Keypad, a universal remote, your computer or from anywhere with a simple internet connected browser. Advanced, sophisticated control is also available from Orchestrated MobiLinc, our iPhone/iPad/iTouch application. Our most powerful Kit! More details...
List Price: $1,849.70
Price: $1,649.99
You Save: $199.71
ISY Model:

Add-on Modules:

More Modules:

Dimmer - Switch Ratio:

LED Light Color:

Module Color:

Thermostat Options:

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  • Our most complete Insteon automation kit
  • Can be controlled from anywhere with an iPhone, iPad or iTouch
  • Once programmed, a computer is not necessary to be powered
  • Control is provided by the ISY-994i server on YOUR network
  • SSL encrypted and password protected remote access
We have put together this Complete Deluxe Kit with you in mind.  Now you can easily install, setup and enjoy all the lighting, small appliance, HVAC, irrigation and IR control features that home automation offers with one affordable, reliable and exciting kit.  This powerful 32 piece kit includes:
  • Sixteen Insteon dual band dimmers o rdual switches (any color).
  • Three Insteon Decora style OutletLinc plug outlets
  • Three 8 button Dual Band Keypadlinc dimmers
  • Three Insteon motion sensors
  • One Insteon controllable thermostat
  • One Insteon compatible 8 valve irrigation controller
  • One IRLinc IR receiver (for additional control with an IR remote)
  • ISY-994i  w/ Dual Band PLM
  • Includes Orchestrated MobiLinc for iPhone, iPad and iTouch (Apple device sold separately)
The kit revolves around the Universal Devices ISY-994i IR Home Automation Controller.  It connects to your home network and the Insteon power line modem with just a couple of cat 5 cables (included).  If locating the ISY away from your network router, you will need to have a cat 5 cable from your network router or switch to the location of the ISY.  Once connected, your computer running Windows (yes! Vista or 7, too), Mac or Linux operating system will recognize the ISY-994i as a network device and allow you to access it.  This is the beauty of the system.  There is no software to install.  When connected locally or over the internet you are communicating directly with the controller through your java enabled browser and a simple but powerful GUI (graphic user interface) or through the Orchestrated MobiLinc app.
The ISY allows full control of your Insteon devices, scene creation and control, program creation and management and much more.  Remote access is available or can be disabled if not needed.  Security is provided by a shared SSL certificate encryption provided by Universal Devices or a dedicated certificate from a provider of your choice.  SSL is the same encryption provided to you when purchasing online or communicating over the internet with your bank.
In addition to the ability to control and monitor all your Insteon devices, the ISY-994i allows for complex (if, then, else) type programming of Lights, Scenes, Programs, etc.  Our application takes advantage of many of the advanced features of this controller without the user needing any programming experience.
Here's how it goes:  Referencing the included instructions for each device, install the dimmers, switches, outlets, thermostat, IR controller, motion sensors and controller.  Following the instructions included with the devices to be linked and paying particular attention to how the devices go into linking mode (usually by holding the switch or a button for 10 seconds), link all your kit modules to the ISY-994i.  Then rename for convenience, configure and program all your devices and scenes in the ISY-994i application or conveniently through the Orchestrated MobiLinc application. 
Enjoy beautiful, sophisticated home control with our application.  Control your lighting with elegant Decora style dimmers and/or switches, your thermostat or even irrigation valves from your sofa with the included application and your existing iPhone, iPad or iTouch.   Relax while away knowing that you can adjust all your linked devices and scenes from any java enabled internet browser on a computer or through Orchestrated MobiLinc on your cell phone.
The automation possibilities are limited only by your imagination.  Hundreds of Insteon and Insteon compatible devices are available and can be added to your project and controlled with the ISY-994i Home Automation Controller.
We are here to help you with your Home Automation Project.  If you have any questions regarding the application or function of any of devices in this kit or on our site, you may give us a call or ask the Maestro for a quick email or telephone response.
Happy Automating!

ISY Model:

There are three decisions you need to make when choosing a model. You must ask yourself if you would like to add IR communication capabilities to the ISY. This would allow you have ISY respond to your audio / visual remote control. The IR sensor is on the unit. Consider if you will be locating the ISY-994i where it can "see" IR commands. If you do not desire IR control or you will be locating the ISY outside of IR reception, then do not choose the IR model. IR Insteon control can be added later by adding and Insteon IRLinc receiver at the desired IR reception location. You must also ask yourself how large of an installation you anticipate having. The pro model offers support for up to 1056 devices, scenes and programs while the standard model supports 256. Please note that requirements vary significantly. We recommend purchasing the PRO model if you plan on having over 30 Insteon devices installed. This allows you plenty of programming capability per device. If you will have less that 30 Insteon devices, then stick with the standard model. Our Orchestrated MobiLinc application can create upwards of 5 - 10 programs per device when used to its full capabilities.

Then after making the above decisions, ask if you would like to include cross-platform capabilities by adding Z-wave radio to your system. Z-wave capabilities include a control and monitoring of a wide range of compatible devices such as lighting controls, sensors, thermostats, lock sets and more from growing list of manufacturers.

Add-On Modules:

The Weatherbug module allows ISY to evaluate weather phenomena in your area and can be used to adjust irrigation systems or other automated systems that need to be aware of the ambient weather conditions. This module can be a great resource saver and also provides the ability to see the local weather via your internet connected device such as an iPhone. The Brultech energy meter module is used to evaluate energy usage as reported by a Brultech energy meter which can be installed near your meter. Awareness of energy consumption and the rate that is being charged for that usage can create a great opportunity for savings.

The X10 BETA module offers support for A10/X10 devices incorporated into the device tree and managed through the Admin Console' Main tab rather than the Program's tab. Users attempting to utilize their existing X10 devices while adding new Insteon capabilities will appreciate this add-on.

The ISY Portal w/Network module adds the optional ability to synchronize your ISY in the cloud on the Universal-Devices server which greatly simplifies remote access as well as makes possible integration with web based applications such as the Amazon Echo's ISY skill for voice command of your devices and IFTTT (If this then that) web based triggers your favorite web based applications / Social Media applications plus much more.  The Network feature is now included as part of this module allowing users to use their ISY as a web server to serve up your own applications, pictures, and files. The module also inculdes Wake On Lan (turn your computers on using ISY progrmas) and Network Resources which enable you to call any network resource (TCP/UDP/HTTP/HTTPS).

Dimmer / Switch Ratio:

We allow you to customize your kit to meet your application. Kits that include multiple wall switches or dimmers can be specified to the desired number of dimmers and switches.

Module Color:

Insteon switches, dimmers, keypads and wall outlets come in a variety of colors. White is standard. Other colors are available at a nominal charge. If you need other than all one color for the kit, please contact us and we will adjust your package accordingly.

LED Light Color:

Insteon SwitchLinc Dimmers and Switches allow for the customization of the status LED bar. The standard color is white, however several other colors are available to suit your application and can be used to help pick the right device or purely for aesthetics.

Thermostat Options:

The kit includes the base model Venstar T1700 thermostat. This is a fully self contained 1 day programmable thermostat. For most applications, this thermostat will serve the the homeowner very well. The ISY-99i controller has the ability to completely automate all the functiions of the thermostat to include providing 7 day programmability. This control would come from the ISY-994i. Therefore, the thermostat does not need to be 7 day programmable.

If the homeowner would like to have the 7 day programmability built into the thermostat instead, then the T1800 adds that ability. Also, the T1800 model can be upgraded with a snap in module to display local humidity (at the thermostat). So, we recommend the T1800, when the homeowner is concerned with humidity.

The T1800 w/humidity sensor will include the humidity module with the T1800 thermostat. Know that this humidity adapter can be added (to the T1800 model) at a later time if the homeowner is unsure if they will need it.

The T1900 is the most advanced thermostat with capability to control dual fuel HVAC systems and includes its own humidity sensor on board. We sell this thermostat frequently to users who have different methods of cooling or heating depending on the exterior atmospheric conditiions (humidity and temperature).

Note: Thermostat options labeled as "Integrated" describe the thermostat with the on-board Insteon adapter. Otherwise, the thermostat is a standaard Venstar with a plug in Insteon thermostat adapter.

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