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Orchestrated MobiLinc Description and Promotions

Introducing Orchestrated MobiLinc Available now on the App Store

Take your home automation system to the next level and infuse your home with energy management intelligence from the palm of your hand.  Mobile Integrated Solutions and Orchestrated Home have partnered bring you the home automation functionality and simplicity to effortlessly manage your lighting and small appliance energy consumption while maintaining all the control and sophistication that internet access to your home affords.

With your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, the Orchestrated MobiLinc App works in concert with the feature packed and affordable Universal Devices ISY-994i* home automation controller to help you save energy in your home.
Here's how:
At the core of Orchestrated MobiLinc is Resource Manager Technology that translates your energy management needs into powerful ISY-994i programs and commands.  With just a few taps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can easily and intelligently design what should happen with your lights and devices.  You may specify: 
  • How long the light, device, or scene should stay on before it automatically turns off
  • How that time should differ during the day and at night
  • If motion in the room should instead keep the lights on and for how long
  • If an alert beep or dimming of the light should precede an automatic turn off action
  • If this energy saving function should be temporarily or continuously disabled
  • The use of integrated single or multiple timers for lights, devices and lighting scenes
All of this intelligent control can be modified using Orchestrated MobiLinc right from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch as well as temporarily disabled right from your INSTEON switch, dimmer, or keypad.  Now, combine all the automation control and remote monitoring that you would expect from a network based system and you have an affordable home automation system that adds more control over your lighting and small appliances than ever and the peace of mind knowing that energy consumption is being monitored and intelligently controlled based on your needs.
A complete system including Orchestrated MobiLinc, ISY-994i network controller, and INSTEON-enabled devices starts around $500.  Simply add additional INSTEON-enabled devices which range in price from $34.99 to $159 to complete your home automation lighting, HVAC, and device control system for a fraction of what other systems cost.  In fact, there is no system more powerful, affordable on the market today, and actively works to save you money by managing energy resources.
*Requires the Universal Devices ISY-994i with firmware 2.7.15 or later
For a limited time, purchase Orchestrated MobiLinc combined with compatible lighting devices, motion sensors, and controllers and save up to the purchase price of Orchestrated MobiLinc and more potentially saving you up to $290 on your Orchestrated MobiLinc powered system.  Put your home on a path to start saving you real dollars now.  Whether or not you already own Insteon lighting or the Universal Devices ISY-994i controller, we have a promotion that will save you on the purchase of this powerful Apple app.  Just purchase Orchestrated MobiLinc from the Apple App Store.  Then see the provided promotional discount code at the bottom of the Orchestrated MobiLinc setting page.  Use this promotional code as follows for big savings:
  • Purchase any Insteon compatible device or devices and receive 10% toward the purchase price of Orchestrated MobiLinc.  Use the discount code described above adding the letter P to the end during checkout at Orchestrated Home.  (applies on purchases of $1 to $899.99)
  • Purchase the required ISY-994i controller and any Insteon compatible devices and receive a comp for Orchestrated MobiLinc.   Use the discount code described above adding the letters ISY to the end during checkout at Orchestrated Home.  (applies on purchases of $500 or more)
  • Purchase any Insteon compatible device or devices and receive a comp for Orchestrated MobiLinc.   Use the discount code described above during checkout at Orchestrated Home.  (applies on purchases of $900 or more)
  • Save even more by putting together a large Insteon lighting and automation kit of your choice.  In addition to receiving a comp for Orchestrated MobiLinc by applying one of the above promotional discount codes, we will provide you with a 5% discount on compatible devices when you forward your Apple receipt provided via email from Apple.  When received within 30 days of your Orchestrated MobiLinc purchase we will credit your payment method with 5% of the purchase price of your Insteon and Orchestrated MobiLinc compatible devices.  (applies on purchases of $1500 or more)

That is up to $290 in savings on a system that will actually save you dollors on your energy bill from the day you install it.  Please contact customerservice@orchestratedhome.comfor any questions about this promotion or difficulty in applying it during checkout.

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